ITS GOING DOWN!!! Tom Joyner DIVORCES His Wife . . . And The BLOCKBUSTER Divorce Is Getting MESSY!!!

: just received some BLOCKBUSTER news . . . Tom Joyner is DIVORCING his wife Donna. We spoke to a person “in the know” who told us that Tom filed papers on his MUCH YOUNGER wife earlier this year.

The insider explained, “I won’t go into WHY Tom did what he did, but he’s through with his marriage and he wants to end things quietly, and without EITHER party suffering from any embarrassment.”

But we spoke to someone close with DONNA who says something DIFFERENT. The insider told, “Tom sold his company [to Radio One] for $50 MILLION. That happened DURING their marriage, so whatever prenuptial agreement they have does not have anything to do with that money.” The insider continued, “Donna helped make the Tom Joyner brand, and she deserves half the money from the sale of his company.”

And the fight over money is gonna get UGLY if Tom refuses to cough up what Donna sees as HER FAIR SHARE. The insider added, “If [Tom] wants to make it ugly, it can get ugly. There is a lot of stuff that [Donna] has been holding back so as not to hurt him.”

On one hand we are SO SAD that these two are getting split. It didn’t seem possible. But on the OTHER HAND . . . we want to HEAR THE DIRT!!