JACKED!!! Basketball Wife Robs Her BALLER BLIND . . . Backs Up A Moving Truck And Takes EVERYTHING Out His House!!

: What happens when you REFUSE to pay your pregnant babys moms her CHILD SUPPORT CHECK for nearly 3 months . . . if she’s a hood chick like Laura Govan . .. you get JACKED!!!

NBA superstar Gllbert Arenas found that out the HARD WAY!!! According to a VERY WELL PLACED insder, Laura was SICK and TIRED of Gilbert dodging her and not giving her any money, so she sprung into action.

Gilbert left her ALONE with NO MONEY in his Great Falls Virginia mansion. Well Laura got a moving truck and STRIPPED THE MANSION Bare (think – The Grinch That Stole Christmas bare). Many of Gilbert’s posessions, including his sneaker collection, wardrobe, and his shark tank are now in Laura’s posession. According to our snitch, she’s “Going to sell his stuff, so that she can have diapers and formula for their [fourth child].”

Well we can hardly blame her . . . you did what you had to do GIRRRRRL!!!!