Jay Z Prepares To DUMP Rihanna . . . And We Got Pics Of The NEW CHICK Who He Plans On MAKING A STAR!!!

: Well Rihanna . . . you f*cked up now!!! MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY tld you guys eralier in the week that Jay Z is “FURIOUS” with Rihanna for recording TWO new duets with Chris Brown.

And he’s DOING something about it.

According to MediaTakeOut.com’s ROCK SOLID insiders over at RocNation, Jay Z has begun what is being called a “MEDIA BLITZ” for his new artist RITA ORA.

The insider explained, “Rite [Ora] has the same kind of pop appeal that Rihanna does, but she’s younger, and not as crazy.” The insider continued, “[Jay Z] has scheduled to make a bunch of appearances with her, and he’s even going to integrate her into [upcoming THRONES] concert [with Kanye West].”

Now all she needs is to send MediaTakeOutcom some “exclusive” pics of herself every day for the next few months . .. and she’ll be the biggest star in the world!!