Kimora Got Russell Simmons FIRED From PHAT FARM!!!!!!

: has learned that the divorce battle between Kimora and Russell Simmons is just starting to heat up. And so far it looks like Kimora may have just won the first round.

In what many in the industry are calling the coup of the century, Kimora Simmons has just taken Russell Phat Farm organization right from under his nose.

You see, earlier this week it was announced that the former model was being promoted to become the new creative director for the entire Phat Fashions enterprise – a role previously held by her soon-to-be ex-husband Russell. And Russell, well, he was asked to leave the company. Had Russell not been fired, he would have been Kimora’s direct boss. spoke with a top level executive over at Phat Farm who gave us the inside scoop on what’s going on there. According to the exec, Kimora gave the company an ultimatum, either Russell goes – or she does. Tells the company insider, “Kimora is extremely valuable to this organization. So when she asked to have Russell fired, we went along with her.” The insider continued, “It was sad for everyone to know that Russell, the man who founded the company, was getting pushed out. But it was in the best interest of the company. And we’re sure he’ll do fine in his next endeavor”

Russell Simmons’ Phat Farm initially launched the Baby Phat line in 2000. Since then, Baby Phat, which was created and managed by Kimora, has expanded to become the premiere female hip-hop brand.

During the same period, sales of Phat Farm clothing and accessories have fallen off significantly. According to estimates, this year’s sales of Baby Phat clothing will more than quadruple that of Phat Farm.