LOVE AND HIP HOP DRAMA . . . Karli Redd Was HOMELESS . .. After Being PUT OUT THE HOUSE By Benzino!!!

: just got wind of a CRAZY JUICY piece of Love And Hip Hop drama. You know how KARLI REDD has been LIVING with entertainment mogul Ray BENZNO . . . well we hear that the reason she was there is because she was having “issues” with her living arrangement,

A person CLOSE to the filming tells us that Karli had NO PLACE TO LIVE besides Benzino’s crib, for a portion of the filming of Love And Hip Hop. We KNEW that there was something ODD about her moving in with Benzino only after a few days knowing him.

And here’s where it gets INTERESTING.

In an upcoming episode of the show, Ray actually THROWS HER OUT of his house . . . and we mean that literally. An insider tell, “Benzino had enough of Karli and he pt her out in the street . . . he threw all her stuff in the driveway and told her to go to a homeless shelter.

Luckily for Karli, that didn’t happen. Love & ip Hop producers were NICE ENOUGH to give Karli and advance on her paycheck . . . and she got place to stay.