Mathew Knowles: You Can Go To ANY NUMBER Of Churches And Hear COUNTLESS Singers That Are BETTER Than Beyonce

: has just learned that Mathew Knowles may be taking subtle jabs at his superstar daughter Beyonce. According to Sister2Sister magazine, Mathew explained to a sell out conference the secret to Beyonce’s success. And according to Mathew – it has nothing to do with her singing talent.

Here’s how Sister2Sister is reporting it:

[Mathew] said that he knows that he could go to any number of churches and hear countless singers who could outsing his superstar daughter Beyonce. But the difference is that his daughter was driven

Now maybe we’re making too much out of this. But how are you gonna short sell Beyonce’s singing ability.

Is it really that easy to find someone with more talent than her? And if it is that easy – should Mathew be putting that out there like that??