MTO BREAKING NEWS: Love And Hip Hop Star Scrappy Gets LOCKED UP . . . He Just Turned Himself In THIS MORNING!! (Exclusive SAD Pics Of Scrappy GOING IN)

: Love And Hip Hop star Scrappy TURNED HIMSELF IN this morning – for a PROBATION VIOLATION. You see, Scrappy’s PO violated him and put a warrant out for his arrest in Georgia. They ALLEGE that Scrappy used someone else’s urine for a weed test.

In 2008, Scrappy was arrested on a weed charge and part of his probation is to submit urine tests. But according to his P.O., he submitted pee that was cold to the touch.

Scrappy had been a NO SHOW at all the Love And Hip Hop opening parties . . . but he finally turned himself in this morning. It’s not clear HOW MUCH TIME he’s gonna have to do!!