MTO BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Nas Was ON A DATE Last Night . . . With KELIS!!! (Pics And Details)

: One of MTO’s peeps was out in Los Angeles last night . . . and he saw NAS on what appeared to be a DATE with ex-wife Kelis. Thats’ right it was Nas amd Kelis -ALONE – with no babys in sight.

Here’s what he told us:

I knew I had to meet Kelis so we waited for the show to end and then we moved back down to where she was sitting. This is where the story gets real good!

Once the lights came on I walked over and said to her friend that I’d love to take a picture with her. Check out the photo below.

When she whispered this to Kelis who was up front sitting next to some guy she asked if I wanted a picture with Chante Moore or Kelis [who was sitting right there with Kelis]. I said Kelis and then sparked up random conversation about how good Chante Moore was at the 2012 BET Awards singing the tribute to Whitney Houston [clearly I was nervous because she sang the tribute to Donna Summers].

Kelis exited the area and came over to take the picture with me and she walked down a bit which seemed weird. Until after we took the picture. Kelis began walking out and then when I looked back, Nas pulled his fishermans hat down and tried to walk out quickly. So I yelled out, “hey Nasty Nas” and he just smiled and walked by.