MTO EXCLSUIVE REPORT: Love And Hip Hop Star ERICA MENA Is CHEATING On GF Cyn Santana . . . With A TOP Rapper . . . And A BIG BOOTY MODEL!! (PICS And DETAILS Inside)

: received the following report from a tipster:

I got the scoop on Erica Mena and her relationship with Cyn Santana. Erica Mena claims that she is in Love with Cyn. Is that true? No one will really know but what I do know is that Ol girl Erica is still messing around behind Cyn’s back. THAT’s PURE FACT!! However this time it’s not with Rich Dollaz but with this other aspiring Model that goes by the name of Yuri Jadore.

She is not only messing around with Yuri but she is also fucking with Chinx Drugz that is also a FACT. Who is the side chick between Yuri, Cyn and Chinx? That I wont be able to tell you but what I can confirm is that I spotted Erica Mena in different NYC spots where she was either with Chinx making out or with Yuri making out. Everyone in New york knows this but I think Cyn Santana is just being Naive and closing her eyes on the real situation at hand. Erica Mena is very clever she will never post picture of her and Chinx or her and Yuri so she can maintain her LHHNY persona with CYN… But the fact of the matter is She has been caught on several occasion’s and she can no longer hide it.

I feel bad for Cyn because Erica Mena is dragging a lil naive 21 year old in her messy situation. I just needed to put the word out that Erica is a Player and cannot be trusted. Cyn santana should just run the other direction asap because sooner or later she will realise that Erica is her biggest Regret. But hey I’m just here to give the real deal.