MTO EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Housewife NeNe STOLE $5,000 From Fellow HOUSEWIFE Sheree!! (Explosive Details)

: just learned of some very SERIOUS reports . . . Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes is a THIEF!!!

According to a rock solid insider, NeNe Leakes misappropriated $5,000 of Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield’s money.

The insider explained, “When Sheree was going through her divorce, she tried to move into a new home – so she gave NeNe and her husband [who was in real estate] a $5,000 deposit for a new home.” The insider continued, “NeNe made her give the deposit in cash . . . And later when Sheree changed her mind [about moving out], NeNe kept the deposit.”

The insider added, “She used the money so that her and her husband could go on vacation in Los Angeles . . . it’s sad because at that time, Sheree really needed that money.”

Dang, we knew NeNe was a FOUL chick. How she gonna STEAL like that from her supposed friend . . . Ain’t nothing worse than aTHIEF!!!