MTO EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Actress Tia Mowry And Pooch Hall Get FIRED From BET Hit Show . . THE GAME!!!

: just received some BREAKING News. According to a ROCK SOLID SNITCH actress Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall have both been FIRED from BETs ht series THE GAME

What happened? Well according to’s ROCK SOLID SNITCH Tia and Pooch had been PROMISED a higher wage when they FIRST signed on to the BET hit series. The insider explained, “Everyone took a pay cut when [BET] picked up the show … they were promised that if the show was a success, the ENTIRE CAST would be well paid.”

Well that’s NOT what happened. The insider added, “They were not being paid what they deserved. The Game was BET’s highest rated series EVER, and they were being paid like reality stars.”

So,we’re told, after a LONG negotiation POOCH and Tia made a FINAL offer – and BET was like . .. DUECES, and told that if they would NOT come down in salary – THEY’RE FIRED. We’re told that OTHER castmembers may be leaving also.

WHAT THE FREEEEEEAAAK!!! The show was getting a little STALE . . . but you can’t fire THOSE TWO.

We may have to start a PETITION on this . . .

Members of the press are Required to credit with this EXCLUSIVE report!!