MTO EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Crazed Fan Hit Rihanna With A BOTTLE . . . Rihanna Left BLOODY . . . And Her Bodyguard Is RUSHED TO HOSPITAL!! (Pics)

: just got some EXCLUSIVE BREAKING news. Rihanna was ATTACKED last night in London – by a CRAZED FAN.

The fan, we’re told FLUNG A BOTTLE of a British softdrink called LUCOADE at Rihannna – while yelling SOMETHING about Chris Brown. The bottle caused Rihanna to STUMBLE into a metal drate – and SLICE OPEN HER LEG..

But it didn’t end there. Rihanna’s bodyguard immediately WENT AFTER the crazed fan – but hurt his leg going after the subject. Rih’s guard was taken to a London hospital for treatment, and the MAD MAN is still on the loose.