MTO EXCLUSIVE: Fantasia’s PREGNANT . . . We Got ALL THE DETAILS . . . And The FIRST Baby Bump PICS!!!

: told you a few weeks back that R&B singer Fantasia may be PREGNANT. Well now we can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that Fantasia is PREGNANT. And this is not a RUMOR . . . it is FACT!!!

According to TWO separate sources, Fantasia is TWO AND A HALF MONTHS pregnant with Antwaun Cook’s baby. You’ll recall that Fanny met Antwaun when he was married. The two carried on an AFFAIR until Antwaun’s wife finally LEFT HIM.

And we got even more news. Fantasia’s DUE DATE is in mid December. But don’t expect Fanny to CONFIRM our EXCLUSIVE report just yet. An insider told us, “Fantasia wants to be 3 months before she makes any announcement.”

Oh . . . and BTW . . we got a BABY BUMP PIC. Taken this weekend.

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