MTO EXCLUSIVE: Tiny Is Trying To Make TI Jealous . . . After Their GRAMMY FIGHT She Went On A ‘GIRLS ONLY’ VACATION . . . And Is Posting BIKINI BOOTY PICS Online!!!

: was the first to report that Tiny and TI are in the midst of a MARRIAGE CRISIS – caused by TI’s roaming eye (and PENIS) . . . and the fact that he doesn’t APPRECIATE THE WOMAN he has.

So Tiny decided to go on a GIRLS ONLY vacation in the Caribbean . . . to get away from all the drama . . . and to let TI know what he’s MISSING OUT ON.

Tiny, who is usually very private and guarded with her sexuality has been TURNT UP on Instagram lately. She’s been posting BOOTY PIC . . . after booty pic . . . after BIKINI PIC.

And it seems to have gotten THE KINGS attention . . . cause after Tiny posted the top bikini pic – TI re-friended her on Twitter.

Peep the video of Tiny and her girls on vacay: