MTO Exclusive!!! We Got Pics Of Actor HOSEA CHANCHEZ . . . The Dude From The Show THE GAME . . . NEKKID!!! (One Word Describes Him – THICK)

: go its hands on some EXTREMELY SALACIOUS IMAGES . . . they’re of actor HOSEA CHANCHEZ of The Game.

Here’s what happened. Hosea met up with a popular GROUPIE in his hotel room. After the two had a marathon FREAK SESSION, Hosea got up to brush his teeth. And our snitch SNAPPED SOME PICS of dude.

To see the First UNCENSORED PICS, click here

To see the First UNCENSORED PICS, click here

Not bad . . . not bad AT ALL!!! We can’t WAIT to see him on BET’s premiere of The Game – the first episode is 10PM on Tuesday!!!

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