MTO SHOCK REPORT: Popular Female Rapper Gets THROWN IN JAIL . . . For SHAKING Her 4 Month Old BABY . . . So HARD . . . He Got BRAIN DAMAGE!!!

: Remember Mysterious from the show MAKING THE BAND. She was the female rapper who SPAZZED OUT when Diddy didn’t choose to give her a deal, well she’s in jail.

Apparently she wrote to some of our homies over at (Providers Of Services For The Incarcerated). She wanted them to do a interview with us for ColdCrib Magazine. ColdCrib turned her DOWN FLAT when they learned what she was locked up for.

So what did she do, you ask? Well she plead GUILTY and was sentenced to seven years in prison for shaking her crying baby and causing severe brain damage to the then 4-month-old boy.

Kimberly Coleman, aka MYSTERIOUS from Diddy’s 2000s MTV reality show Making The Band plead guilty to aggravated assault for shaking the crying child while mother and son were staying at Trenton’s Marriott Hotel.

The boy suffered a series of brain bleeds that resulted in permanent brain damage.