MTO SHOCK REPORT: Rapper Tyga Puts Gucci Mane ON BLAST . . . Claims That GUCCI Has HIV!!!!

: Just when you thought that Twitter wars couldn’t get MORE CRAZY – it did. The rapper Tyga claims that rival rapper Gucci . .. has THE PACKAGE.

This revelation came after Gucci Man made some real OUT OF POCKET comments about Tyga’s babys mother, Blac Chyna.

Say werrrrrrd!!!!

UPDATE: Tyga claims that Gucci has HIV. Well that could explain his recent actions. There is a condition called “AIDS RELATED DEMENTIA” that causes people with advanced HIV to behave erratically. Here is a description taken from the site WEBMD:

Unlike many other HIV-related problems, ADC is not caused by an opportunistic infection, which takes advantage of a weakened immune system. HIV experts say that ADC results directly from the HIV infection itself. Although HIV does not infect brain nerve cells, the virus may indirectly inflame them or kill them. This is more likely to occur as CD4 cell counts decrease to less than 200. CD4 cells are a type of immune system cell. They are also known as T-helper cells.

ADC varies greatly from person to person. Symptoms may progress quickly or slowly. It generally affects four different areas of your brain function: Thinking abilities, Behavior, Coordination and movement and Mood

The signs and symptoms of ADC can be similar to other HIV-related problems, such as opportunistic infections or medication side effects. This makes it more difficult to diagnose and understand.

These are some of the first signs and symptoms of ADC:

Short attention span
Trouble remembering
Poor judgment
Slowed thinking and longer time needed to do tasks
Unsteady gait, tremor, or trouble staying balanced
Poor hand coordination
Social withdrawal or depression