MTO SUPER EXTRA WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West LIKELY To Miss The Birth Of His Child . . . And We Have The EXCLUSIVE Details WHY!!!

: just got an EXCLUSIVE piece of News – an it’s big. Kanye West is LIKELY TO MISS the birth of his child with Kim Kardashian. Why, you ask??? Well CONFIRMED that Kanye West plans on doing a FULL ON TOUR this summer – beginning in June (and Kim’s due date is “late” June).

Our TOP NOTCH snitch tells us that Kanye’s tour will be a “stadium only” tour – with each venue seating in excess of 50,000 people. And get this . . . Yeezy has ALREADY BOOKED Yankee Stadium in New York.

And it gets MORE interesting. Before BACKERS of the TOUR would sign off on financing, they needed assurances from Kanye’s people that the birth of his child would NOT interrupt any of the scheduled tour dates. And MTO’s snitch confirmed, “They got those assurances.”

Well . . . guess he’s GOTTA MAKE THAT MONEY . . . for his child’s future. Oh, and expect the tour announcement in the next few days. And when you hear about it – remember where you HEARD IT FIRST!!!