MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown Reportedly BREAKS UP With GF Karrueche . . . After He Suspects She HAD CONTACT . . . With Rapper DRAKE!!

: just got wind of a CRAZY piece of news. The word on the street is that R&B singer Chris Brown and his GF Karrueche SPLIT UP.

What happened? Well we were told that Chris suspected that Kae had some form of contact with is arch rival Drake. It was nothing ROMANTIC . . . but Kae supposedly had some BUSINESS-TYPE conversations with Drizzy.

And the word on the street is that Chris COULD NOT STAND that she would have ANY communication with the hip hop superstar . .. so he fired her.

At first, we were SKEPTICAL of the story. But this morning, we noticed that Chris DELETED ALL PICTURES from Twitter and Instagram, that contained Karrueche in it.

Not sure what to make of this. But we REALLY liked the two as a couple and would HATE to see something THAT SILLY break them up.