MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey And Nas Looked ‘VERY COZY’ At His Birthday Party . . . Does This Mean That Mariah And Nick Are SPLITTING UP??? (Pics Inside)

: was IN THE BUILDING at Nas’ 40th birthday party yesterday in New York City. There were tons of cleebs there, but what got everyone’s attention was Nas and his interaction with MARIAH CAREY.

Mariah sat next to Nas all night, and the two whispered to each other and giggled all night. Mariah was also constantly touching Nas – on the hand , or on the head. It looked a little MORE than just regular flirtation.

Now we know that Mariah has a very FLIRTATIOUS personality . . . but that wasn’t it. First off Nick Cannon was NOT There, and Mariah was NOT wearing her wedding ring.

Nick is a homie, so we really hope that nothing is going on with him and Mariah – or that whatever it is can be worked out. These two are one of our favortite celeb couples, we’d hate to see them split up . . .