MTO WORD EXCLUSIVE!! New Evidence Suggests That Kim Kardashian’s Engagement IS A PUBLICITY STUNT!!!! (Evidence Inside)

: We’ve been in this business long enough to know that Kim Kardashian would do ANYTHING to stay in the limelight. And coming up with an ENGAGEMENT . . . just as her celebrity was starting to FADE . . . is the kind of ISH we would expect from her.

In 2009, was one of the FEW places in the world showing photos of Kim wearing an “engagement” ring (See story here). At the time, Kim and her media folks were telling EVERYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN that Reggie had proposed to her.

The truth was that Kim BOUGHT her own engagement ring (or rather, was GIVEN it by a Los Angeles jeweler in exchange for some promotional work) – and she was trying to PRESSURE Reggie to marry her.

Well it appears that Kim may be doing the SAME THING with her new BF Kris Humphries. Cause that “new” ring she’s rockin . . . looks a whole lot like the “old” one she was wearing in ’09!!!

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