MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather GET INTO A FIGHT . . At Las Vegas STEAKHOUSE!! (Find Out WHO WON Inside)

: Superstar rapper 50 Cent and boxing’s ALL TIME GREAT Floyd Mayweather Jr are known to be BEST FRIENDS . . . but they weren’t two nights ago at Las Vegas hot spot n9ne steakhouse. According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider, 50 and Floyd got into a PUBLIC FIGHT.

Here’s what popped off . . . We’re told that 50 and Money May placed a FRIENDLY $10,000 WAGER, on a boxing match that took place Saturday night – and that 50 Cent WON.

But 50 reportedly was having trouble COLLECTING his money from Mayweather. The insider explained, “It’s not like [Floyd] didn’t have the money, he did. But he just wasn’t paying . . . it was almost like he was trying to PUNK 50.”

And everyone in hiphop knows . . . 50’s no punk. So on Sunday night, it ERUPTED at n9ne steakous in Vegas.’s insider explained, 5 was like ‘Where’s my money, I’m not playing.’ So Floyd was like ‘What are you gonna do if I don’t pay you.’ Next thing you know it was PANDEMONIUM.”

We’re not going to go FURTHER on what happened, because Floyd is OUR PEEPS, and the police in Vegas are looking for any reason to LOCK HIS AZ UP. But lets just say that both HE and 50 Cent showed that they were TRUE WARRIORS. An eyewitness puts the . . . confrontation . . . at a draw.

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