MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Child Star Kyla Pratt Had A BABY . . . By A MALE STRIPPER!!! (Pics Of KYLA . . . The Baby . . . And Her SKRIPPER BABYS FATHER)

: heard rumors for the last year and now we can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM to you that popular child actress Kyla Pratt (from proud family/dr doolittle/love and basketball) gave birth to a baby girl a little more than a year ago LA. She named the baby girl Lyric Kai Kirkpatrick.

The birth of the baby was kept on the low. Why, cause Kyla’s babys father was a popular stripper who worked at the Right Track on Florence & Western in LA for over 4 yrs. The father’s name is Danny Kirkpatrick and went by the stripper name “COMPTON”.

Immediately after the birth of Lyric, Danny, or should we say “COMPTON” gave up dancing and opened up a tattoo parlour.

But we hear that since the recession, the tattoo business has gotten a little tight, and COMPTON has started taking on SIDE GIGS – you know BACHELORETE PARTIES and the like!!!