MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown And His Boys JUMP HIS BODYGUARD . . . While On A Private Jet!! (He Is SERIOUSLY Out Of Control)

: is hearing through THE STREETS that Chris Brown and his entourage ASSAULTED his security guard BIG PAT while on a private jet leaving Ghana, Africa. According to the streets, Chris has been SPIRALING out of control for some time now – and NO ONE has the ability to keep him calm once he gets angry.

We’re told that during the flight Big Pat was doing his best to CALM Chris down from one of his bouts of rage and that Chris and his friends ATTACKED Big Pat. Pat – who is a 100% certified REAL DUDE – kept his composure and defended himself without harming Chris or anyone else on the plane, which he DEFINITELY could have done. He then GOT OFF the plane when it stopped in Bermuda.

It’s not clear what Pat’s next steps are going to be. To be continued. . .

Here is what the Bermuda Sun, the local paper who first broke the news of the fight, is reporting:

“Then there was a stall. The security guard got off first. He was standing outside talking to the pilot. Then Chris Brown and another guy came off.”

Our source continued: “They had to come inside to Customs. They then went outside to have a cigarette. The security guard came inside [an airport building] and said he wasn’t getting back on the plane.”

The airport worker said the man told him he had gotten into an altercation with Brown.

“Chris went back through Customs and the plane left at about 2:20pm.”

Our source said Big Pat made arrangements to leave on Jet Blue’s afternoon flight to JFK and saw him getting on the plane.