MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Drake And Common Get Into A FIGHT Backstage At The Grammys . . . And Drake SNUFFED Common!!!

: So, the Drake and Common beef just got a LOT more real . . . it’s NO LONGER just music.

According to an EXTREMELY reliable (she is a celeb) insider, Drake and Common got into a FIST FIGHT backstage at the Grammys.

The insider told, “The two [rappers] ran into each other backstage. Common was with one of his boy, and Drake was with a SQUAD OF GOONS.” The insider continued, “Drake said something and Common said something back . . . there was a commotion, and I saw Drake PUNCH COMMON IN THE CHEST.”

Common walked away . . . and plainclothes police escorted him back to his seat. Wow, who knew Drizzy had it in him. YMCMB!!!