MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: ENGAGED NFL Baller Mike Vick . . . Caught Up . . . With Guess Which REALITY STARLET!!!

: just got some potentially SCANDALOUS NEWS!!

According to a person IN THE KNOW, NFL baller and reality star EMILY B (AKA Fabolous’ Babys moms from the VH1 show Love And Hip Hop) are getting a little TOO CLOSE for comfort.

You see Emily grew up in Virgina . . . and before becoming the REALITY SHOW starlet that we know, she DATED Mike Vick.

And its gets worse, over the years Emily maintained a “friendship” with Mike. She actively HANGS out with his brother, and speaks frequently to his mom.

But everyone in the family though once she got with rapper FABOLOUS . . . she’d stop trying to COME FOR the NFL superstar.

Well . . . now, according to one insider, Emily and Mike are now CLOSER THAN EVER – even though he’s ENGAGED!!!

DANG, Mike . .. if you DROP Kijafa after she HELD YOU DOWN . . . accepting your collects and filling up your commissary . . . you’re gonna have some EXPLAINING to do.