MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Gabrielle Union Is Reportedly PREGNANT . . . Set To Give Birth THIS SUMMER!!!

: With all the DRAMA and SCANDAL going on . . . Gabby may have some GOOD NEWS on the horizon. just spoke with a person IN THE KNOW who tells us that people close to actress Gabrielle Union are whispering that she’s PREGNANT.

According to our snitch, rumors started around the holidays when we’re told that Gabby – who is known for DRINKING HER COCKTAILS, stopped drinking. The insider explained, “She was at a party, there was champagne everywhere, and she didn’t drink a drop.”

The insider added that Gabby and her fiance Dwyane Wade have been OPEN about having children, and now that a wedding is around the corner, now is as good a time as ever.

And as further evidence, peep Gabby last night on Jimmy Kimmel. We see a tiny bulge in Gabby’s USUALLY FLAT stomach. And her nose seems to be spreading a bit too.