MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Guess Which Popular 1990s CHILD STAR Is A Member Of The BLOODS GANG . . . And Charged With MURDERING A MAN!!!

: has som SAD news. The actor who played little MICHAEL HUGHLEY (DL Hughley’s son) on the hit 1990s series THE HUGHLEYS – has been charged with MURDERING A MAN!!!

In a EXCLUSIVE piece of reporting, we learned that last fall Actor Deejay Daniels (Dorjan Lyndell Daniels) was arrested in Stockton, CA – and charged with MURDER.

Here’s what popped off. Deejay and some associates got into a fight in Chivitas nightclub. The fight spilled out to the Waterfront Warehouse where a 26yr old man was stabbed to death. It’s not clear WHO did the stabbing but DeeJay and two associates were taken into custody.

Police claim that DeeJay and his boys are all members of the BLOODS gang. If convicted, he faces LIFE in prison.

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