MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: It Looks Like There Could Be TWO New Atlanta Housewives . . . And You Know BOTH OF THEM!! (Pics PLUS Details)

: learned that he other day, Atlanta Housewife Cynthia’s Peter celebrated his 53rd birthday in Atlanta. Tons of folk came out . . . and so did the Bravo TV crew. But get this . . . in addition to taping Phaedra, Kandi and Cynthia . . . the cameras also focused on Toya Wright and Marlo Hampton.

It almost kinda sorta looked like they were cast members too. We heard rumors that Bravo was lookign to GET RID of the new woman they cast . . . and replae her.

But could Bravo be hiring Marlo and Toya .. . or is only ONE CHICK getting cast???