MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Jay Z And Kanye West Have REAL BEEF . . . Jigga BAILS OUT On BET Awards Performance With Yeezy!!!

: spoke with our TOP SECRET SNITCHES at the BET Awards . . . and they tell us that there is some SERIOUS BEEF between Kanye West and Jay Z.

And that DRAMA played out yesterday, BEHIND THE SCENES at the Awards show. You see, Awards show producers scheduled a “top secret” Jay Z performance. Tells a producer, “The set was supposed to start with G.O.O.D music’s MERCY, then Kanye would come out and do Theraflu, then Jay Z would meet him on stage and they’d end with N*ggas In Paris.” But that’s NOT the way it went down.

First G.O.O.D. music performed . .. then Kanye . . . but NO JAY Z. The insider added, “Kanye had to improvise, and freestyle a track he was working on. It was so last minute that he had to do it [without music] because no one had it ready.”

The insider added, Kanye West was reportedly FURIOUS with Jay Z – he texted him HUNDREDS of times leading up to the show – but Jay IGNORED THEM. And when Jigga arrived, almost 2 HOURS AFTER Kanye performed on stage. . . he told BET producers that “traffic” caused him to miss his performance.’s snitch added, “Every year the Grammys, the Oscars and the Emmys are held in L.A. . . . when have you EVER seen someone miss a performance on those shows . . . besides [Jay Z] is a professional, that wouldn’t happen to him.”

So what’s the problem between Jay and Yeezy? Everyone around them is quiet, with some saying it’s Kanye’s relationship with KIM. Others say that Kanye is UPSET with how Jay Z (and his people) are handling the FINANCES of their THRONES TOUR – and that Jay may be SKIMMING OFF THE TOP.

Either way, can 100% CONFIRM that there is REAL BEEF between Kanye and Jay. And that Jigga pulled a POWER MOVE . . . by leaving Yeezy HANGING at the BET Awards.