MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian Is Still OBSESSED With Reggie Bush!! (Exclusive EVIDENCE Inside)

: has been hearing reports FROM CREDIBLE SOURCES – that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush still have SOMETHING going on. And that if Reggie asked . . . Kim would DROP her fiance Kris Humphries in a HEARTBEAT!!!

Well on Saturday morning – it looks like Kim showed her azz via Twitter.

You see, Reggie AND Kim are both living in California. And at EXACTLY 12:24 PM on Saturday morning, Reggie Bush tweeted that he was SLEEPING in. Well exactly ONE minute later, Kim Kardashian tweeted virtually the SAME text – showing that she’s CLEARLY following her ex on Twitter.

Kim was visiting her future IN-LAWS in Minnesota when she tweeted the response to Reggie.

Kris Humphries is a DANG FOOL if he goes through with this “marriage”

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report.