MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Kimora Lee Simons And Djimon Honsou Are DIVORCING . .. And WE KNOW WHY!!!

: has been telling you guys for MONTHS that Djimon and Kimora were divorcing. Most of you thought .. . NO . . . that can’t possibly be happening. Well . . TOLD YA SO.

Actually they were never LEGALLY married, so we can’t officially call it a divorce – but they are SEPARATING. What happened? Well spoke EXCLUSIVELY with someone FAMILIAR with the matter – and they say that Kimora felt that Djimon WAS NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY.

According to our insider, Russell Simmons agreed to an EXTREMELY generous divorce settlement with Kimora. Under the terms of their settlement, Russell would pay Kimora $2M a year for 4 years (half the length of their marriage), as alimony. Well that alimony money RAN OUT last month.

Kimora had expected that Djimon would get MORE ACTING ROLES and be able to support their family, but that didn’t work out. Since marrying Kimmy, Djmon has only been able to get NON-LEADING roles, his biggest role since their marriage paid him 500K, but most paid significantly less.

Kim now realized that if she is going to LIVE THE LIFE OF FABULOSITY that she’s used to, the couple would have to live off not only Djimon’s earnings, but Kimora’s savings, and the $30K a month she gets in child support from Russell.

Kimmy decided that she was NOT in the business of CARRYING AROUND DUDES . . . so she FIRED dude.

Don’t believe us? Well here is what the NY Daily News is saying:

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou aren’t as committed to each other as they used to be.

A source close to the couple tells us the glamazon and her “Gladiator” beau have split after a “big fight over money.”

“Djimon walked out on Kimora,” says the source, who adds that the split may have been prompted by Simmons’ ex-husband, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons ’ decision to stop funding the pair’s lifestyle.

St. Louis-born “Kimora lives as if she’s the Queen of England,” notes the source, although there’s at least one sign her life in the fab lane may be slowing to a crawl.

Oh well . . . TOO BAD . . . SO SAD!!!