MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Stars Stevie J And Joseline Are Releasing A ‘LOVE TUTORIAL DVD’ . . . Where They EXPLICITLY Teach Viewers . . . How To GET IT POPPIN!!!

: Well we’ve heard of leaking SEX TAPES . . . but Love And Hip Hop stars STEVIE J and JOSELINE have found a NEW WAY to make money off F*CKING ON TAPE.

We’re told that Stevie and Joseline are DEEP IN NEGOTIATION with a top DVD company . . . to produce a series of “LOVE MAKING TUTORIAL” DVDs.

But we’re not just talking about any old DVDs. The streets say that the DVDs will be EXTREMELY explicit. Stevie J will show you his patented BOX EATING techniques. And Joseline will show ladies how to have GOLD MEDAL caliber JAW GAME!!

But we’re NOT MAD at the pair. The streets also say that EACH one is getting about 200K for their participation – PLUS more depending on the sales of the video.

We might actually GET that tape. OBVIOUSLY they’re both . . . VERY talented. . .