MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: NeNe QUITS The Housewives . . . And Another Housewife GETS FIRED . . . The Entire Cast Is In TURMOIL!!!

: just got word of some EXCLUSIVE information . . . according to ROCK SOLID Bravo source, NeNe Leakes has given Bravo word that she DOES NOT want to return for next season of the Atlanta Housewives – unless KENYA MOORE is fired.

According to our snitch, all of the ladies of the Housewives are DEEP INTO NEGOTIATIONS on whether they’ll be returning next year. So far, we’re told that Kandi, Cynthia, and NeNe have been asked to return. Producers would LOVE for Phaedra to return, but her legal issues may prevent that from happening. And producers are still deciding whether Porsha and Kenya will be returning, or whether new housewives Natalie and Mynique will be taking their place.

As of RIGHT NOW . . . producers are leaning towards FIRING Porsha – but keeping KENYA. Especially because it’s not clear whether Phaedra will be returning – given her LEGAL ISSUES. And producers are leaning towards bringing back NATALIE (Christopher Williams’ wife) but not Mynique.

But the BIGGEST NEWS is that NeNe has basically given BRAVO an ultimatum – fire Kenya, or she QUITS. And NeNe is serious about it too. NeNe has formed a production company with Greg, and is negotiating with ANOTHER NETWORK for her own show – where she’ll have TOTAL CONTROL over casting decisions.

So far Bravo is holding firm – and telling NeNe NO. And get this . . . a little birdie told us that if NeNe does walk . . . that they are willing to discuss possibly bringing NeNe’s ARCH NEMESIS MARLO in as NeNe’s replacement.

So what do y’all think . . . would you WATCH the Housewives without NeNe????