MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: POLICE Called To The Set Of The Of The ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES REUNION . . . Porsha SNAPS During The Filming . . . Punches Kenya IN THE FACE!!! (She Getting LOCKED UP)

: is the NUMBER ONE SOURCE of Housewives gossip . . . and we got some REAL DRAMA from the taping of the Housewives reunion yesterday in Atlanta.

First off,let us just say that this is going to be the BEST REUNION SHOW in the History of REALITY SHOWS.

The drama began almost immediately with Kenya being the ringleader of it all. Almost as soon as Andy Cohen started asking his questions, Kenya would BUT IN and try and embarrass her castmates. For example, Andy tried to delicately talk about Apollo’s current FEDERAL LEGAL ISSUES . . . and Kenya kept calling him a JAIL BIRD . . . and saying that he needed to be in JAIL for what he did to her friend. It was OUT OF LINE and rude.

But Kenya’s antics were PARTICULARLY geared towards NENE. Kenya called NeNe out for the RECENT release of her mugshots, and for the fact that she no longer works on GLEE. Kenya was dishing SHADE .. . but it was done in a very MEAN SPIRITED WAY . . . and you could tell that everyone on the set was starting to CATCH FEELINGS.

But while Kenya was on camera trying to TURN UP . . . NeNe was behind the scenes plotting her REVENGEH. According to our snitch, during one of the breaks, NeNe got in Porsha’s ear . . . and convinced her that Kenya was “TAKING OVER” the reunion, and that she needed to be stopped. This happened about 8 HOURS INTO the shooting . . . after Porsha had drank a FULL BOTTLE of champagne on her own. So she was DRUNK and IMPRESSIONABLE.

When they resumed filming. Kenya tried Porsha – by making comments about what Porsha ALLEGEDLY did with sex toys and her ex-husband Kordell’s BOOTYHOLE. But Porsha, who was amped up on LIQUOR and NENE’S GAS . . . blacked out. She jumped up and PUNCHED Kenya in the face. She then GRABBED KENYA BY HER WEAVE and started dragging her LITERALLY across the stage . . . all the while punching her in the head.

IT WAS A MESS. Bravo apparently did not have proper security, so the beating lasted longer than any other fight on Reality TV. We have to be clear . . . this wasn’t no Bad Girls Club type of cat fight … Porsha actually BEAT THAT LADY AZZ . . . like some WORLDSTAR SH*T!!!

After the beating, the tone of the reunion changed, with everyone talking about how violence is never the answer, and how what Porsha did was out of line. The producers went to GREAT LENGTHS to try and patch things up with Kenya and Porsha last night. But as of the time that they LEFT THE SET AROUND MIDNIGHT . . . Kenya was still talking about FILING CRIMINAL CHARGES against Porsha.

We’re told that Kenya plans on filing charges today . . . unless BRAVO folk can talk her OUT OF IT!!!