MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna Is DROPPING Jay Z As Her Manager . . . Just DAYS After Beyonce Announces Her Pregnancy!!!

: just got some EXPLOOOO-OOOSIVE information. According to a well placed snitch, Rihanna has decided to DROP Jay Z . . . and his RocNation team as her managers.

The decision to drop them, we’re told, was officially made by Rihanna AFTER she learned that Beyonce was PREGNANT!!!

Here’s what we know. Last APRIL, told you that Rihanna was CONSIDERING dropping Jay Z as her manager – when she learned of certain FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES, and when Jay and RocNation began UNOFFICIALLY managing Beyonce (See report here – where we talk SPECIFICALLY about Rihanna buying a house from her official Manager Jay Brown’s sister).

After our initial report, Jay Z had a “private discussion” with Rihanna – after which, Rihanna promised to STAY with his management team.

But now that has ALL CHANGED. According to’s ROCK SOLID INSIDER, Rihanna has decided to DROP them as managers. The official announcement is STILL TO COME, but Rihanna is currently TAKING STEPS to get away from Jigga and ’em.

Her FIRST step in breaking free – Rihanna has launched a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against her “official” RocNation manager Jay Brown’s sister. According to the lawsuit, Which is summarized on TMZ, Rihanna claims that Jay’s sister DEFRAUDED her.

This ish is abut to get REAL UGLY. Hope Jigga KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING when he knocked up Beyonce . . . .

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report