MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Shaq And Hoopz Get Into A PUBLIC FIGHT . . . Hoopz Said THE UNTHINKABLE . . . And He DUMPED HER ON THE SPOT!!! (Exclusive Details)

: was the FIRST news source in the world to give you a peek into the very VOLATILE nature of the relationship between Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander and Shaquille O’Neal. Last year, we told you that after a heated fight, Shaq had to have HIS SECURITY escort Nikki out of his house.

And now it happened AGAIN. learned that last week Hoopz and Shaq got INTO IT publicly. Here’s what happened. Shaq and Hoopz were trying to go into Orlando Metro Gymnastics, a popular gym that specializes in teaching woman’s gymnastics in Orlando – where the couple live.

ell the gym WOULD NOT ALLOW Hoopz into the gym, because they ONLY train girls under 18, for insurance purposes. Well Hoopz SPAZZED OUT – yelling at the gym owners, using the most VULGAR curse words – all while the little girls being trained looked on. Hoopz claimed that she was trying to “train for the Olympic team.” LOL!!

Shaq, to his credit was MORTIFIED. He PULLED Hoopz out of the building and took her back to the car. But then Hoopz turned her RAGE towards him. She claimed that Shaq “wasn’t riding with her” and started calling him a “p*ssy.” But then . . she went THERE.

According to an EYEWITNESS, Hoopz allegedly called him a “little d*ck n*gga.” Again . . . to his credit, Shaq didn’t go OCHOCINCO on her. He stayed calm. confirmed this morning that Shaq subsequently BROKE UP with Hoopz. And that Hoopz is no longer living with him.