MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Shots FIRED . . . Shots Fired . . . Lady Gaga SETS OFF A Feud With Beyonce!! (Evidence Inside)

: We here at are HARDCORE TeamBeyonce . . . and in upcoming weeks – shes going to NEED IT!!!

According to a TOP music industry insider Lady Gaga and her label Interscope are launching a full scale ATTACK on the queen of pop. The insider explains, “Lady Gaga is happy with her status [as the number one worldwide artist] and she’s not looking to be number two.”

The insider claims that there has been a good amount of Bad Blood between the two ladies since an unspecified falling out the two had earlier this year. The insider adds, “Lady Gaga doesn’t see Beyonce as an artist – she doesn’t play instruments, she doesn’t write her songs, [in Lady Gaga’s eyes] Beyonce’s just an empty shell.”

So Lady Gaga’s people are starting a CAMPAIGN . . . to expose Beyonce. The snitch added, “[Lady Gaga] would like fans to know that she’s a real musician and Beyonce is a dancer that has a nice voice.”

And yesterday the FIRST SHOT in the battle was FIRED. Lady Gaga’s record label INTERSCOPE paid for a Twitter ad. Whenever someone searched for the word “Beyonce” they were taken to Interscope’s ad. The ad told fans that Bey’s new song Girls was really a REMAKE of the Major Lazer song Pon The Floor. But here’s teh KICKER . . . Interscope doesn’t WORK or have ANY financial interest in Major Lazer’s product.

Tells the insider,”The only reason Interscope is advertising for a song that they DON’T OWN, is because they want to expose Beyonce.”

And the war begins . . . Bey, we’re riding with YOU on this!!!

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