MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The TOP College FOOTBALL Player Gets BUSTED . .  .THREE Of His JUMPOFFS Band Together . . . And Put Him ON BLAST!!!

: College football star Tyrann Mathieu learned a HARD lesson – never BRAG about your CURRENT relationship . . . if you’re within EAR SHOT of your jumpoffs.

Tyrann is a GREAT player. In fact, many believe is the LEADER in the Heisman Trophy race – given to the best player in all of college football. Unfortunately he still has a lot to learn in the game of love.

You see yesterday after Tyrann won the SEC championship, he TWEETED all his fans- telling them that he LOVES his GF. And she responded back in kind.

Well that got ALL his jumpoffs heated. A number of them sent us RECENT pics of them with Tyrann . . . while he was with Sydni.

And y’all wonder why Jay never talks about his relationship with Beyonce . . .