MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Tracy Morgan Took His GFs Kidney . . . Then DROPPED HER For The NEXT CHICK!!!

: just got a very SHOCKING report from one of Tracy Morgan’s ex-Tanisha’s friends.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when reported to you that Tracy got a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT. He was diagnosed with diabetes a while back, an dcontinued to live RECKLESSLY – so he destroyed both his kidneys. Anyways, guess where he got the kidney from . . . . his EX-GF TANISHA. Yes . . . she gave dude HER KIDNEY!!!

And it gets even more juicy. Tanisha’s friend told, “Tracy and her had broken up in October, and she wanted to get back together with him. I won’t say that that’s the only reason she gave him the kidney, but it was a MAJOR factor.”

Tracy received the kidney on December 18th, less than two months from the date they separated.

Unfortunately for Tanisha, she needed to give Tracy MORE THAN JUST A KIDNEY for him to get back with her. The insider explained, “Tracy thanked her and he’s paying [her hospital] bills. But he’s not interested in getting back with her.”

Girrrrl, you are a better woman than us. Do you realize that you just gave that man YOUR KIDNEY??? Our ex-BF tried to get us to let him hold a couple of dollars and we gave him THE DUECES!!!!

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this report