MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We’ve Confirmed It . . . Rihanna And Drake Are Dating . . . And Drake Is IN LOVE!! (Pics Of Drizzy SUCKIN On Rih’s Neck Inside)

: was the FIRST news source in the world to tell you that Chris Brown was dating Rihanna. We were ALSO the first news source in the world to tell you about the SHOCKING DETAILS that broke them apart.

Well now we’re the FIRST NEWS SOURCE IN THE WORLD to tell you about her newest relationship . . . . with rapper DRAKE!!

According to a rock solid SNITCH close to Rihanna, Rih and Drake have been CASUALLY seeing each other for more than TWO YEARS . . . and now they are OFFICIALLY A COUPLE!!!

The insider explained to, “Drake was been trying [to get at] Rihanna for a while. At first [Rihanna] didn’t like him because he wasn’t EDGY enough for her . . . but he worked on her, and now she’s into him.”

But while Rihanna’s into Drake . .. Drizzy is REEEAAALLLY into Rih. The insider told that Drake is IN LOVE!!!

Well they make a nice looking couple. Oh, and this is not a RUMOR it is fact. Check out the below pic taken on SATURDAY. It shows Drake EMBRACING Rihanna . . . and giving her a peck on the neck!!!

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