MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: You Will Not BELIEVE Which One Of The Love And Hip Hop Ladies Just Got ENGAGED . . . And WHICH DUDE Is Wifing Her!! (Evidence Inside)

: Sooooo . . . just got some CRAZY new news. According to our ROCK SOLID SNITCH beind the scenes of Love And Hip Hop . . Stevie J just GOT ENGAGED to Joseline. Our insiders tell us that LAST WEEK Stevie called up producers – told the that he wanted to MAKE AN HONEST WOMAN of Joseline . . . and had them FILM his proposal.

And we’re told that the proposal was “moving” and “touching” . . . That’s THEIR words, not ours.

Anyways you gotta FEEL for that chick MiMi. After all those years, and a CHILD TOGETHER, Stevie never gave her as much as a piece of QVC jewelry. But now, this new chick Joseline gets wife’d up in just a few months???

Anyways, we’re gonna have to STOP HATING on Joseline – cause Stevie just LEGITIMIZED their relationship. But we gotta wonder . . . how long will THEIR THING last???