MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: You Will Not Believe WHICH TWO ARTISTS . . . Were CAUGHT . . . Doing Who Knows What Backstage In The DRESSING ROOM!!

: just got a juicy bit of gossip from backstage at last nights BET Awards. Last night rapper Kendrick Lamar won the BET Award for “Best Male Hip Hop Artist” . . . but he wasn’t there to accept the award . . . why, well it’s not ENTIRELY CLEAR.

You see Kendrick was “preparing” for his performance with Erykah Badu of their hit single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” which was up next. But we spoke to a BET employee who tells us that Kendrick an Erykah were “locked” in their dressing room pre-show all alone . . . and doing WHOKNOWS WHAT.

The insider told us that people were knocking on the door, and even told Kendrick that he had just won a BET Award and that he was needed on stage. But Kendrick and Erykah reportedly stayed inside the room, locked.

A few minutes later, the two performed . . . and the chemistry between them was AMAZING!!!