MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Young Money Goons ATTACK Nicki’s Boyfriend . . . Knock Him UNCONSCIOUS!!!

: Well if Nicki and Safaree weren’t BROKEN up after he BUSSED HER IN THE FACE with a suitcase . . . they are NOW!!!

According to’s ROCK SOLID Young Money insider, YMCMB goons visited Safaree last night – inside his hotel room in Houston . . . and he got BRUTALLY STOMPED OUT. According to our insider, he was beaten UNCONSCIOUS.

As of THIS MORNING, we’re told that Safaree is RECUPERATING inside a hotel room in Houston. Its not clear whether Safaree is expected to STAY ON as Nicki’s hype man for the remainder of the tour.

But we can tell you this . . . the NEXT STOP on Nicki’s tour is NEW ORLEANS – home of the YMCMB. Baby, Slim, Mack Maine and Weezy are ALL expected to be there. And if Safaree is SMART . . . he WON’T BE be on the tour bus when it arrives in New Orleans. would like to make clear that neither LIL WAYNE (who is currently on probation) nor Nicki Minaj ORDERED violence against anyone. #TeamNOSNITCHING#