MTO WORLD HOUSEWIVES EXCLUSIVE: Guess Which Atlanta Housewife . . . Was Forced To QUIT THE SHOW!!! (Details On WHO . . . And WHY She ASKED To Leave The Show)

: just got some EXPLOSIVE News . . . Porsha Stewart is NOT going to be returning to next season of the Atlanta Housewives. People IN THE KNOW at the show tell us that Porsha’s HUSBAND, former NFLer Kordell Stewart is “not allowing” her to return for a second season.

Well “not allowing” may be a strong word (even though it was the word that a BRAVO TV person used). According to’s snitches BEHIND THE SCENES at the show – Kordell DID NOT like the way he was portrayed on the show and thought that producers “disrespected” him and his household – so he convinced his wife that it was in HER BEST INTEREST to quit the show.

Porsha will finish out this season, doing ALL THE PROMO that she is contracted to do. She will also appear on THE REUNION SHOW, which was taped last week. Kordell REFUSED to attend the reunion show, despite EVERY OTHER spouse (Peter, Apollo, and even Todd) attending.