New Report Says That BLACK MEN Who Marry White Women Are HEADED FOR DIVORCE . . . And Black Women Who Marry WHITE MEN . . . Have STRONGER MARRIAGES!!!

: A new report from the PEW research center was released, and it studied INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS. Here are some highlights:

Black men are more than twice as likely as black women to marry someone outside their race.

On the whole, interracial marriages are less stable than same-race/ethnicity marriages, but marital dissolution was found to be strongly associated with the race or ethnicity of the individuals in the union. The authors found that “the results failed to provide evidence that interracial marriage per se is associated with an elevated risk of marital dissolution.” Mixed marriages involving blacks and whites were the least stable

And more:

After 10 years of marriage, interracial marriages that are most vulnerable to divorce involve white females and non-White males (with the exception of white females/ Hispanic white males) relative to white/white couples. Conversely . . . white men/black women couples are actually substantially less likely than white/white couples to divorce by the 10th year of marriage.

Interesting . . .