NOT AGAIN!! Nicki Minaj And Safaree Get Into ANOTHER FIGHT . . . This Time At A PHOTO SHOOT!!!

: For the SECOND time in nearly a month, Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Safaree got into a HEATED ALTERCATION. just spoke with a person ON THE SET of a COSMOPOLITAN photoshoot in Miami on Sunday. And according to them, Nicki and Safaree were GOING AT IT!!

According to the insider, Safaree DIDN’T LIKE some of the photos being taken. The insider explained, “He thought Nicki was being too sexy and so he spoke up. Nicki told him to stay out of it . . . and then they began [ARGUING].”

And it wasn’t just ANY OLD ARGUING. According to our insider, Nicki and Safaree asked EVERYONE TO LEAVE . . . while they finished their heated argument. The staffer told, “I was scared for Nicki . . . we shouldn’t have left her alone.”

It’s not clear WHAT happened after that. But the photoshoot was OVER for the day.

Nicki . . . we love you MaMa . . . hold your head.

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