OH NO!! Atlanta Rapper Gets ARRESTED . . . Faces Up To 10 Years In PRISON!!! (Mugshot Pic And Details)

: Atlanta Rapper Young LA, best known for making the hit song AIN’T I was arrested on Thursday night. Not sure what he did, but it sounds real SERIOUS. He was charged with FIRST DEGREE Criminal Damage To Property. Here is how the courts define that crime:

You could be charged with criminal damage to property in the 1st degree if the prosecution has probable cause to believe you did one of the following:

1. Knowingly and without authority interfered with property in a way to endanger human life, or

2. Knowingly and without authority and by use of force or violence interfered with the operation of any public communication or transportation system, sewer, drainage, water supply, gas, or other public utility.

First degree criminal damage to property is a felony and carries a potential sentence of 1 to 10 years in prison.