ON BLAST!!! Rival Rapper Claims That Rapper TI Pulled A STEVIE J . . . Is CHEATING On Tiny . . . With His New Artist!!!

: One of rapper TI’s rival Atlanta rappers is putting him ON BLAST. According to a rapper named WINE-O . . . TI is cheating on wife TINY, with his artist Iggy Azaelia.

Here is what WINE-O says in his new song:

You got a bad b*th, I guess that’s new to you . . .
You can fix ’em up, get ’em some AZZ SHOTS
Like Iggy Azaelia, make that b*tch your mascot
Your little phone call, that was the last take,
You licked her p*ssy huh, how my d*ck taste,
You kissed that h*e,now tell me how my c*m taste
Little Cifford azz – AKA super fake