OUTBREAK!!! 16 Adult Film Stars TEST POSITIVE For Having HIV!!!

: MediaTakeOut.com just learned some DISTURBING news. According to Los Angeles officials, 16 adult film performers have recently tested HIV positive – and the information was never released. Until yesterday’s revelation, the number of known HIV cases in adult film performers was 6 since 2004.

And it gets worse, according to the Los Angeles Times a female porn actress filmed a scene one day after testing positive for the monster. Here’s how they’re reporting it:

Dr. Colin Hamblin, AIM’s medical director [said] the porn actress first tested HIV positive on June 4 and worked the following day for reasons he said were still being investigated. A second positive result came back Saturday. And the clinic is awaiting results of a third and final confirmatory test, he said.

Hamblin described the woman as having had two recent sexual partners, a fellow porn actor who worked with her on June 5 and her boyfriend, who is not in the porn industry. Those men have had sexual intercourse with an additional six people, who have all been notified and offered testing, he said.]

That’s some mess right there…